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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today is Earth Day

earth day banner

Today we celebrate Earth Day 2010 with activities that are eco-friendly as a reminder that Mother Earth needs our help and to bring an awareness to good earth stewardship practices.  We usually don't do any special activities for Earth Day because we try to take the principles surrounding Earth Day to use daily year round.  Here's a few little extras I will do today:
  • spend a little time with my trusty caulk gun - More sealing means less air leakage which translates into less energy usage.
  • make up a few cleaning solutions - I'm getting low on cleaners so today will be a good day to replenish my non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
  • depending on the weather - I will take a walk around the gardens looking for things that need to be done while taking a lot of pictures.  I may even take a walk over to a near-by pond for more pictures.  Here's hoping the weather is nice.
  • make plant starter pots - I will be making more plant starter posts from toilet paper and paper towel rolls. 
  • today is recycle day - I will go through the recycle bin to be sure I don't have an alternative use for any of the items before setting them to the road.  My husband will drop off clothes and miscellaneous small items we no longer use to a local charity that helps those in need.  
  • dinner - Tonight's dinner will be much the same as most of our meals, home cooked from scratch.  On tonight's menu grilled wild salmon, wild rice melody, fiddleheads and dandelion greens salad.
  • evening - If the weather holds we will take in the evening sunset, play a game or two of cribbage then call it an early night.

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