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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dollar Stores are the New Five and Dime

When I was growing up we had Ross's Five & Dime that outlasted the old Metropolitan Store (aka The Met) which was also a five and dime store.  Ross's had squeaky wood floors all on one level with just about everything laid on sided tables, no racks or hangers.  The Met was absolutely fascinating to a me as a child.  It had squeaky wood floors that had a wonderful woodsy smell when it rained.  The main floor had a host of all kinds of things a kid could buy for their cherished 25¢.  Then there was the bargain basement.  The stairs creaked and groaned as I wandered down to see how what goodies my frugal little hands could find.  Even back then I was a very frugal shopper.  I would look through all the bargains finally settling on something like hair ties but quite often I would walk out without spending a penny.

Ross's and The Met are long gone, residing only in the recesses of my childhood memories.  Several years ago I discovered dollar stores.  While these stores don't have all the character of the old five & dimes they really are the modern day equivalent.  I love dollar stores!  There are a lot of good deals to be had at the dollar stores for in most cases $1 per item.  Like all shopping you really do need to know not only regular but sale prices because surprisingly dollar store items are not always cheaper.  Fast forward to 2010 and the 25¢ has been replaced with a $20 bill but I am just as frugal when I'm shopping, dollar store or otherwise.

In general the craft section is always a bargain in dollar stores.  Other bargains I've found are: canning jar lids, dishwasher rinse agent, colouring books, small gardening items, gift bags, party supplies, glassware, hair clips, specialty cookware like mise en place bowls, silicone pinch bowls/scoopulas and decorative garden items.  When it comes to those little extras like fancy glass serving One of the complaints I've heard is a lot of the dollar store items are from China but for the things I'm buying the countries of origin are Canada, USA, Brazil, and other countries including China.  I like that I can buy Canadian made products in Canadian dollar stores and I like I can still get a bargain for those little things I want or need.

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