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Friday, April 16, 2010

Best Improvements When Selling a House

If you have been following this blog you will know that earlier this spring we decided to sell our house.  As a bit of an update, our house is still listed and we put in an extension request for the house we are interested in buying.  However, there is a possibility we may remove our house from the market so things are still very much up in the air.  When we decided to sell the house we set about decluttering and doing a few small finishing touches.  For the most part our biggest expense was finishing up a renovation project started just before deciding to list the house.  We continue to do a bit each day just to keep the house ready for showing. 

Now that we may take the house off the market we are going through with the middle yard make-over but the rest of the rip-out will take less than a day as we are hiring that out.  Spreading the top soil for seeding will take little time as will seeding or installing new raised garden beds.  In total the project will be completed with the exception of planting the beds and a couple of new trees in the period of a weekend at a cost of under $700.  If the house stays on the market we expect that this improvement will pay for itself because it falls under cleaning-up (removing delapidated beds) and getting rid of junk (tree stumps).  It will definitely make the house show better.  If we take the house off the market we will be able to enjoy thisDeciding what projects to do when selling a house can be a real issue. 

Some will immediately set about doing a renovation job in the hopes of making the house more salable.  According to Forbes in most cases you should not start any new renovation projects when getting your house ready for sale as in most cases you will not realize a good return on the investment.  They indicate the best investment is cleaning-up your act so decluttering, getting rid of junk and giving your house a good cleaning from top to bottom then keeping the house tidy until it is sold.  Forbes does recommend painting to cover up blemishes or bright and/or outdated colours.  According to several of the home and garden shows on HGTV a fresh coat of paint can really help sell a house.  Painting is a low cost way to spruce up a house that can be done in under a weekend.  Simply painting the front entrance door can be extremely effective and the colour most often recommended is red!

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