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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Brief House Sale Update

Since the house has been listed the real estate agent(s) have shown it twice.  That really isn't good news and they would like us to drop the price but be decided against that.  We run the risk of losing the house we have the offer in on if the owner doesn't want to extend the terms.  My husband and I talked it over and first of the owner would be foolish not to extend since he has had no offers at all.  Ours was the first and only offer since he listed it last August.  We have also come to the conclusion we really aren't all that interested in selling ourselves.  We love the location and our neighbours are some of the best you could possibly ever have.  The vacation home has all gone through, signed sealed and delivered so we are now the owners of two homes.  The situation has changed in our local area that warrants keeping our price up there so the bottom line is we are carrying on as normal.  Essentially things are up in the air and there are a lot of ifs.

  • If the owner of the house we have the offer in on agrees to an extension we may still get that house.
  • If someone comes close to the price we want for our house we may sell. 
  • If we don't get an offer close to the price we want we have decided to sit tight and not sell.
All this sounds a bit confusing but as it stands right now we have two house both of which we can afford but we would like to sell our primary residence to reduce a few costs and traveling.  In hind sight we both agree we should have taken one step at a time and make sure we got the vacation house prior to listing our house.  But you live and learn.  

Garden Gnome