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Friday, April 2, 2010

Importance of Decluttering When Selling a House

Decluttering is a basic home maintenance strategy that prevents unused or unwanted items from accumulation to the point for some it can become a huge issue. When this happens it usually is termed as hoarding, falling under one or more psychiatric disorders. That is entirely a different issue. In this post I want to address some of the reasons why decluttering is so important when it comes to getting your house ready for sale and a couple of tips for easy decluttering.

Importance of decluttering when house before and while is on the market:

  • Decluttering makes your house look more spacious and that is what potential buyers want to see!
  • Decluttering means a potential can easily open any cabinet without worrying about being hit in the head with something falling out.
  • Decluttering now and consistently while your house is listed means less stuff you have to move later.
A few easy decluttering tips:
  • I use the 3 box method - keep, toss, donate. This is especially good for large scale decluttering.
  • 27 Fling Boogie - This is a decluttering term coined by the Flylady. I was quite involved with this site several years ago and this is one technique I have kept. The idea is quite simple and is quite effective. Take a plastic grocery bag and as quickly as possible go through one or more rooms of your house collecting 27 tossable items. Close the bag and toss. I take this a step further in that I collect 27 items with as many as possible going into the recycle or donate boxes still the items are out and gone. In the intitial stages of getting the house ready to show and while showing do this daily. It is surprising how much clutter can be eliminated this way.
  • Reduce packaging - If you have two packages of the same thing and you can fit the contents into one package then do it. This includes but is not limited to: laundry soap, fabric softener, shampoo, conditioner, liquid soaps, bandaids and anything else that can be consolidated into one container or packaging. At the same time do not bring anything into the house that is not absolutely necessary. I mean nothing! Use what you have on hand setting aside the replacement cost then replace after you move.
  • Be ruthless - The ultimate rule here to help you make your space appear more spacious and to end up moving less stuff is to be ruthless. Get rid of it!
  • Food - Many when they are moving don't consider their pantry or freezer stores. This can amount to a considerable amount of food to move. Instead focus on using up foods from the pantry and freezer which means less to use and a great way to revolve pantry stores as well easy eating. Put what you have spent on groceries without eating from the pantry money into an envelope during the time your house is listed then use that money to restock your pantry at your new house.

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