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Monday, June 7, 2010

Faulty Contract Work

On April 26 of this year we replaced all the satellite rental receivers with purchased ones including a new PVR (personal video recorder). At the time of the installation the technician had to drill two holes for wires through our foundation and he drilled one through the newly installed floor of the one bedroom that was slated to be my craft room.  The technician took some time drilling the holes but before he left he said he had caulked them on the outside.  I took him at his word which I should not have done.  Also during the installation I noticed it said rental on the PVR box so I questioned him about that and he said that was on every box.  He finished up with the installation leaving me quite the mess to cleanup in the bedroom and family room.  I should have taken a walk outside right then and there to inspect what he had done but I didn't otherwise I would have been on the phone right then.

When he left I called Bell Expressvu and asked them about the PVR expressing my concerns we had been given a rental PVR rather than the new one we were paying for.  The customer service representative said that no we had bought that one.  So with the weather and vacation (gone 11 days) it came as quite a shock when the PVR quit working last Saturday.  Essentially we had got at most 2 weeks out of that unit for a supposedly new unit.  My husband called Bell Expressvu who said the PVR was under warranty so they would send us out a new one within 7 to 10 business days.  Yesterday I was doing a bit of yardwork and noticed the first hole.  It was a good quarter inch opening, wide open that had the wire going through but had not been caulked at all.  I went around to the other opening and the hole was large enough a small mouse could have easily have got through!  I quickly got out the caulk gun to correct both holes then told my husband I would be calling Bell Expressvu in the morning which I did.

The problem with the PVR was technically fixed on Saturday with them saying they would send out another unit but that did not clear my mind that the technician had left us with a used PVR in the first place as there is no way a brand new PVR would go the way it did after 2 weeks worth of use.  My suspicions were confirmed that we had indeed been given a used unit even though we were paying for a new one.  The technician should have cleaned up the mess he made and in their rules they must seal any holes they make during an installation job.  I would have caught this had I inspected the job before the technician left.  While I suspected the PVR problem I really had no choice at the time but to take the technician's word that it was a new unit and confirmed by their customer service.  Despite that giving someone used equipment when they arranged to buy new and are expecting new equipment is fraudulent!  All in all I am not happy with this installation that was fraught with faulty contract work.

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