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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Glass Canister Sand Souvenir

glass canister sand souvenier

Glass Canister Sand Souvenir

Like many families we like to bring home souvenirs from our travels.  Years ago when the kids were young we made our first trip to Florida.  Of course the kids wanted to bring home sand and shells.  These weren't fancy purchased shells but rather shells the kids had found on the beach so they wanted to keep them.   I wanted a way to display the sand and shells that was a bit different.  One day I happened upon small glass canisters in the craft store and thought that would be a good way to display the sand and shells. 

The canister could be filled in so many ways!  The canister is 10 cm (4 in) diameter and 10 cm tall.  Both the bottom an top of the canister can be filled.  The lid has a plastic cap on the bottom that can be removed for filling.  I poured sand into both the bottom and top of the canister then added a few sea shells to each, replaced the plastic cap on the lid then put the lid onto the canister.  Similar canisters can be found in craft stores as well as the kitchen section in department stores.  They may even be available in dollars stores with the kitchenware.

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