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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

House Sale Update

If you have been following this blog you will know we listed our house privately for sale upon getting the news that the sale of vacation home we wanted had gone through.  At that time we were officially the owners of two houses.  After trying to sell our house privately we finally listed with a real estate and set about finding another permanent house to buy.  We found a house and after a bit of negotiations the offer was accepted.  And here we sit getting closer to the mark where we are going to have to ask for a second extension on that offer.  To date trying to sell this house has been on the frustrating side.

We actually showed the house more and had more inquiries when the house was for sale privately.  To date we have had no offers on our house so we are currently sitting with owning two houses and and accepted offer on a third house.  The real estate agent added a take-me box to the sign for the pertinent details of our house with a few pictures on flyers.  Apparently take-me means just that.  Over 50 flyers have been put out and gone without so much as a call to see the house.  We don't have high traffic on this small dead end street so the flyers are going somewhere.  Our neighbours are the type to take them and there's only 5 school aged kids on our street that are always with their parent(s) if walking past our house.  So where the flyers are going remains a mystery.  At any rate they are very effective.

Hopefully my next house sale update will be sharing that the house is sold...

Garden Gnome