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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Organizing the Spice Cabinets

Yesterday I needed curry powder for a recipe I wanted to try.  Like most foodies I have more than an abundance of various herbs and spices.  I'm always picking up new herbs, spices and blends to try.  I also dry herbs and various vegetables for vegetable powders.  The result of this constant influx of seasonings is my spice cabinets tend to get rather on the unruly.  Of course it is a bit of an annoyance to know that a certain seasoning in in the cupboard only to have to spend several minutes shifting things around to find it.  As things like this happen before I knew it the entire contents of the cabinet were piled on the counters.

small container spice cabinet
Tearing apart the cabinet happened so automatically that I never even thought to get a before picture.  Once the cabinet was emptied shook my head at the mess then got busy.  I don't like keeping herbs, spices or blends in packets or worse yet plastic zip bags even though many come packaged that way.  Originally I had 2 plastic bins with lids on the top shelf to hold these types of packets until they could be transferred into glass containers.  The problem with the plastic bins is I would forget to check them so end up buying more of the same seasoning.  I decided to eliminate them.  I also had a few jars of dried onions and mushrooms on the top shelf that I moved into the main pantry. 

Pictured is the organized spice cabinet.  I use a fair number of mason jar for herb and spice storage.  This works well for herbs I dry as well as herbs and spices bought from the bulk food store.  While I do have smaller spice bottles most of them are recycled bottles.  There are a few packets on the top shelf destined for glass jars later today.  The final part of the organizing of this cabinet will be taping the inventory list to the door.

large container spice cabinet
The large container seasoning cabinet is in the lower cabinets of the breakfast bar.  This area opens from both the kitchen and family room side.  I keep the larger containers on the kitchen side and my collection of hot sauces on the family room side.  As you can see there are a fair number of larger containers of seasonings.  The large containers of seasoning that I use a lot of work out to be considerably less expensive than smaller containers.  The seasonings are arranged alphabetically for easy finding.  They tend to get mixed up occasionally especially if the grandkids visit.  It took me a few minutes to reorganize ready for use.

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