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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Using SoilMoist™ Granules for Craft Projects

I just blogged about my waterball garden followed by another post on SoilMoist™ granules.  My main purpose for buying both of these were the decorative use for vases as well as a water management system for non-edible potted houseplants and outdoor planters.   As I was getting the waterballs and the related SoilMoist™ granules hydrated I could immediately see the crafting potential of this product.   I invisioned centerpieces using the gel, candles and embellished with fresh flower blooms.  The gel would keep the blooms looking lovely for a few days.  I also reasoned the gel could be used as is to surround candles with the gel adding a lovely sparkle to burning candles. 

SoilMoist™ packets
I bought 4 - 3oz (85 g) packages of SoilMoist™ online for $3.  According to the package the granules are used for as a horticultural water management aid.  The premise is the granules absorb water then release it as the soil dries preventing the plant from drying out.  The instructions for using SoilMoist™ as a horticultural aid are on the back of the package.  I'm experimenting with this soiless medium both indoors and outdoors so will be reporting on how well I like it as a water management aid on my gardening blog over the next few months.  The granules will last several seasons outdoors so with care they will last several years indoors.  When used indoors as a crafting product the granules can be cleaned and re-used making this product a rather frugal craft product. 

SoilMoist™ gel
The granules are a crosslinked polyacrylamide that is an opague milky white, hard granule until hydrated.  Then it becomes a clear, gel substance similar to stirred set jello.  It is very glittery with the gel reflecting any light that hits it.  It is quite pretty without doing anything to it!  This is a product that should be kept away from any drains where it has the potential to cause blockages.  Although the granules are non-toxic they should be kept out of reach of children and animals. 

I have already started experimenting with a couple of ideas for using this gel as a crafting product.  Tomorrow I will post a couple of the ideas I am testing with pictures and the how-tos.

Garden Gnome