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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Camouflaging the Pit and Clean-out

Last weekend we worked on the lower patio replacing the pavers that had been removed for the drainage problems.  The problem we were left with was how to deal with the pit that has 3 lines running into it and the clean-out.  We have the option of connecting the 3 storm lines then filling in the pit however if any of the lines became plugged we would have to dig them up and repair.  Leaving an access to these drains is a logical solution.  However, I thought it would be nice to camouflage the pit and clean-out so that corner looks nice while still allowing access should a problem arise.

camouflaging the pit and clean-out
I came up with the idea of building a planter box with the remaining pavers.  The base is pavers turned on their narrow side.  The ledge is formed by laying pavers on their wide flat side.  Pictured is the idea in progress.  There weren't enough pavers to complete the project so my husband is going to take a paver to the lumber store to see if we can get a match.  I only need 5 or 6 pavers to finish the project to finish the other two sides.  The top layer ledge on the retaining wall side will rest on the cement base of the retaining wall.  The pavers as they sit now are not mortared into place yet but will be once the final design has been determined.  Once the walls are finished we will cut a piece of thick plywood to sit on the inside of the planter on the cement base surrounding the pit.  I'll paint it on both sides then add two handles for easy removal.  Then we will build a shallow, self-watering planter liner to fit inside that will sit on the plywood cover.  I will likely plant variegated pothos in the planter that will spill over nicely to soften the hard edges and can be brought indoors for the winter.  I will like add a second cover to sit on the ledge for the winter to prevent any debris and snow from gathering inside the planter. 

Garden Gnome