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Monday, August 2, 2010

Final House Sale Update

After a huge spit and shine the real estate agent took another couple through the house last week.  I was seriously insulted hearing the feedback.  The main complaint was the outside staircase leading to the sunporch needed painting!  Give it a rest!  Any painting needed is the last thing anyone should look at when buying a house.  After a bit of discussion and knowing we are under contract with the real estate until the end of August we have decided to take our house off the market.  I took the sign down yesterday.  The real estate can hold us to not selling via any other agents or privately until August 30.  Now technically we can get out of that contract because the house has been listed longer than 90 days but we've decided not to sell via any other means so it really doesn't matter.  

The decision to remove our house from the market was not taken lightly.  Over the past month we have had more than one discussion about it.  On the weekend we did a bit more work on the house specifically the lower patio [more to come on that] and we spent a considerable amount of time on the dock.  Not selling the house means not reducing the daily commute but it also means life will get back to normal as normal can be.  We can now focus on this house and the vacation house creating the homes we want them to be.

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