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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nonstick Fry Pan

nonstick fry pan

While I do use nonstick bakeware it has been years since I gave up on nonstick pots and pans preferring instead to use stainless steel or cast iron.  Nonstick especially Teflon® has come under fire because of possible off gassing that can cause respiratory and other health problems.  Other than two fry pans I gave up on nonstick for pots and pans well before those warnings ever came out.  However as a home cook who loves to cook I like having a couple of nonstick frypans in different sizes.  Nonstick reduces the need for oil and gives excellent results for certain foods like eggs. 

Here's where I ran into a problem.  Back when I got rid of my nonstick I bought 2 nice Lagostina International fry pans on sale but they weren't cheap!  I looked after them too with not using metal tools in them and always hand washing.  The larger one failed after a couple of years of use so I replaced it with another that also failed.  My husband brought home a KitchenAid nonstick frypan (~ $60) to replace the Lagostina.  Despite careful care the other day I was to the point of being tempted to get out a piece of steel wool.  I was very disappointed as KitchenAid is one of my favourite brands.  That fry pan is not even a full 2 years old!  It has never been in the dishwasher or had metal utensils in it nor has it been abused by using high temperatures yet the coating failed!

A couple of months ago I bought a 12" commercial grade nonstick fry pan from Sam's Club to replace the last Lagostina.  This was a heavy-guage, aluminum frypan with cast stainless steel handle (with removable silicone grip) and Eclipse® nonstick coating.  The frypan is NSF certified as well.  It cost me about $20 but the frypan is quite heavy and so far has performed as expected to the point I bought another one last night.  It was a 10" frypan for $15.64.  For less than the replacement cost of one KitchenAid I ended up with 2 heavy duty, commercial grade nonstick frypans.  Hopefully that will be the last of having to replace them!

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