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Thursday, August 26, 2010

New LED Lantern Added to Our Emergency Preparedness Supplies

We are always on the lookout for items to add to our emergency preparedness supplies.  Lighting using LEDs is perfect for emergency preparedness because the LEDs don't draw a lot of energy meaning your batteries last a lot long.  The lights are fairly bright but not the same as regular CFL lightbulbs.  Still when the power is out they provide enough light that you can get around by.  They are safe to use anywhere without a fire risk so are perfect for homes with children and pets.  I'm currently working on installing a push style LED light in each room of the house so if the power is out we still have a bit of light as needed that can supplement candles and the battery operated Coleman lantern and camp lamps. 

super-bright 12-LED indoor/outdoor lantern
My husband brought home this cute LED super-bright 12-LED indoor/outdoor lantern by Illumibeam.  It is about 8½- inches tall and designed like the traditional camp lanterns.  The lantern can be operated using 4 "D" batteries using the holder or it can be plugged in using a 6 V adapter.  It is not deep enough to use 6 V battery. We have rechargeable "D" cell batteries that can be charged using our solar battery chargers.  The lantern has a dimmable control for the long-life LED lights (100,000 hours) which is a nice battery saving feature.

This lantern is a nice addition to our emergency preparedness supplies.  I especially like that it is portable.  This is very important in the case of the event of emergency evacuation.  Not only that a portable lantern means you can take it wherever you need the light.  Now I need to do a bit of stocking up on rechargeable batteries but I'm holding off until I see how the start of our solar system install goes.

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