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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Custom Closet Built-ins In Soon to be Craft Room

A few days ago I posted about our renovation plans to change a bedroom that had become storage since moving into a craft room. At the end of day one the room was empty ready to determine what needed to be done. Before I go further into the details of the renovation that will be covered over several posts from start to finish, I thought I would show you the custom built-ins in the existing closet. Every closet in this house has custom built-ins to maximize the storage space. In addition to that any small nook and cranny has also been turned into custom storage. So we are quite lucky in this respect.

tall closet built-inTall Built-in

The closet is 2'11" D x 7'4" W at the maximal points. A 1'3" shelf spans the entire width of the closet 17" from the ceiling. A heavy duty metal pole is mounted on the bottom of this shelf and spans 5'6". We have decided to leave the existing closet as is with the exception of removing the carpeting and baseboard. That may change as we may put a fresh coat of paint on the walls just so the closet matches the room when the door is open. The walls and ceiling are in good condition.

Pictured is the short end wall of the closet that goes between that closet and a cedar lined linen closet. I'll write more on the cedar closet later when we get to doing the hallway. The folding closet doors fold towards the entrance to the room. The function of built-in storage unit is a bit of a mystery. It is 6' tall, 13" wide and has 11 deep slots. There are no bottoms on the slots so it could not be used for magazines as they will fall through. I am sure I will be able to come up with a way to use this built-in. The metal bar will remain since it is ideal for hanging homemade candles and even fabric waiting to be turned into the next project. We will likely add some type of storage along the back wall of the closet to take advantage of that space as well.

custom closet shelvingCustom Shelving

The opposite end of the closet is on an outside wall. Pictured is the custom shelving that was added. On the long end of the closet tucked in the corner are 3 24" deep shelves. The long top shelf continues over this right to the end wall. Once organized these shelves will provide an incredible amount of storage. Just inside the door is custom shelving using that is 11" deep at the widest point. There are 6 shelves spanning from just above the floor to just below the ceiling. Again this smaller unit will provide a great storage area for many craft items.

The wallpapered portion (flowers) is not a wall even though it has been made to look like one. It is a concrete chimney rising up from the furnace room, going through this closet on its way outside. The gas water heater vents through this chimney and while there is the possibility of updating the water heater run which we may do anyway when the new on demand water heater goes in, we would gain little in doing this. The chimney is in very good condition and is capped to prevent precipitation and critters from getting in so now we are leaving the chimney as is since the closet will provide plenty of storage in this room especially when combined with the new storage that will be going into the room.

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Diy tools Fan said...

living in hostel for my studies and truly have a great storage problem, love the idea of tall closet and customized shelving, now my friends and family members will not say that I am not a well managed guy, thanks to help me.