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Saturday, February 6, 2010

End of Day One of Craft Room Remodel

This past Wednesday we decided it was time to work on the craft room. Well it isn't really a craft room at the moment but it is a spare bedroom that we are converting to a craft room. I have always been heavily into all kinds of crafts and genealogy. Both take up a lot of space in terms of work and storage and they tend to overflow into every room of the house. A craft room is just exactly what I need.


I'm embarrassed to post these two pictures but this is how the room looked Wednesday morning. When we moved in whatever didn't fit somewhere ended up in the blue room. It was easy to organize the closet with its build-in extras as best as possible (2) then used the rest of the space for temporary storage (1). A couple of times I went through doing enough de-cluttering to free up room for more stuff in for temporary storage. We actually got rid of a lot of stuff this way. Essentially if it didn't have a home in the other rooms of the house it went to the blue room where it stayed in limbo until it ended up in the donate or toss bin.

empty roomEmpty

This is fifth owned house and believe it or not we have actually clued into the idea that emptying a room before doing any renovations works best. The entrance to this room (3) faces the long wall of the room with one window. The wall behind the door opens to the closet (4) that has 4 great customized built-ins. The long wall (5) across from the opening will likely be wall to wall built-in storage. The end wall opposite to the (4) has a window then small recess to which the previous owner had a built-in desk (6). That is one thing about this house is there are so many customized built-ins

By the end of day 1, the room was cleared so were were into rip out stage. A corner of the rug had been pulled back so in tomorrow's post I will share what we found.

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