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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Soon To Be Craft Room

We are in the process of turning a spare bedroom into a craft room so please watch over the next couple of weeks as that will be the main topic here. I promise there will be before and after pictures as well as pictures of of progress. We are into day 2 with the room emptied except for closet shelves and by tonight the carpet and padding will be gone. I am already disappointed with two findings!

First this room is going to be repainted so I looked into Ceramic InsulCoat Paint that claims to provide R-24 insulation. From what I saw it had a lot of potential. Then I found the studies on this paint. This is a reflective paint that will not save heating dollars in Canada and in fact according to the study while the paint would save money during the summer by reflecting sun rays outside, in the winter months it would prevent warming solar heat gain so would actually make your heating costs higher. Despite my high hopes of trying this product we won't be as our main goal is to reduce heating costs not inadvertedly increase them!

My second major disappointment is the floor. We peeled back a good sized corner of the rug and underlay. Where there should have been hardwood given the age of our house we were met with plywood subfloor. Removing a 1" x 3" section of the plywood by the heating vent revealed what I was expecting, hardwood. I was almost sick to my stomach when I saw what they had done. The plywood is nailed about every 8" so we aren't sure if we can remove the plywood and salvage the hardwood. A friend of ours who is into home restorations and repairs specializing in woodworking will be here Saturday so we are going to get his educated opinion then go from there.

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