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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh My Gosh! Change Those Sheets!

A current study found that half a million Brits change their bed sheets only 3 times a year. I'm sorry folks but this just fall into major ewww factor of homemaking. At one time I can recall bedsheets being changed weekly. Clean sheets drying on clotheslines were a normal weekly sight. Heavier comforters and quilts were changed according to the season. Children's linens were changed more often out of necessity rather than desire.

What is the point of daily personal bathing and wearing freshly washed clothing yet spending a good 8 hours each night in dirty sheets? Not changing bedsheets allows allergens and dust mites to build up in the bedding causing both respiratory problems and allergic reactions as well as harbouring disease causing organisms.

Our bedsheets are changed weekly unless we aren't home for that week. Saturdays have always been the sheet washing day and even when the kids were young Saturday was the main laundry day although with little ones doing laudry during the week was quite often necessary. With as little as 2 sheet sets you can change the bedding weekly without having to rush to wash the sheets before nightfall. I like putting the pillows through the wash monthly while putting them through the dryer on air setting weekly. This just helps get dust and dust mites out of the pillows while freshening them. I honestly think stretching changing your bed sheets on a regulary weekly basis is a healthier choice!

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