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Sunday, January 16, 2011

GE Nightlight

Night lights are rather popular lighting for adding a bit of low light just enough to see where you are going during the night.  The most common locations for night lights are hallways, near stair wells, children's bedrooms and bathrooms.  They are available in a wide range of styles to fit most decors and tend to be rather inexpensive.  Night lights are either controlled using a small switch, by solar or they are on all the time.  The bulb choices are small screw in Christmas light style, fluorescent or LED.  LED lights are the most economical to operate at at 0.5 to 0.7 W but they are on constantly when plugged in.  They give more of a dim glow just enough that you can see where furniture is in the dark.

GE nightlight
When we are away, we usually leave the light over the sink on.  It is an 11 W CFL so slow cost to operate but if we are gone for an extended period of time then the light stays on the entire time, something I would rather not do.  I found this GE Nightlight that has a higher light output than other nightlights I've seen.  It is 5 W so when the light is on would be saving 6 W and it turns on only when the existing room light gets low.  So the light is not on all the time reducing the amount of electricity used. 

This nightlight uses a small fluorescent bulb.  The light output is quite good for such a small light. The shape of this nightlight is rather interesting.  There are three settings - on, off, auto.  When clicked to auto the light will come on when the existing room light dims enough to trigger the light.  This will be a good light that is automatically controlled for those times that we are away and want light in the kitchen.

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