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Friday, January 7, 2011

Interior Decorating Inspiration

Like many homemakers I am always on the look-out for interior decorating ideas.  I'd love our home to look like some of the upscale rooms in decorating magazines but homes are meant to be lived in not always staged.  One problem is relying solely on decorating magazines or shows is not being able to see how texture can be used effectively in a room. 

We do a fair amount of traveling which means we have stayed in a large number of motel rooms.  Motel rooms can be a great inspiration for home decorating.  The first thing in common with all the motel rooms we've stayed in is co-ordination of colours.  Everything matches but it is not just plain.  The bedspread may pick up one colour in the carpet.  Carpets are often multi-coloured, low pile and textured.  These are actually practical because they help to make the carpet easier to clean while providing interest.  The carpet is often run up the wall by 3 - inches to form a custom baseboard for a finished yet practical look.  Wall are often a subtlely textured in muted multi light toned neutral colours.  Nothing other than the ceiling is plain and yet everything works together. 

Materials used are quite important and I suspect all were chosen to give good looks while providing durability and cleanability.  Bathroom floors are usually tiled.  Shower stall are acrylic one piece, ceramic tiled or even corion lined.  Walls are usually some type of vinyl coating rather than simply being painted.  About the only surface painted in motel rooms is the ceiling although sometimes the door trim is painted.  Window sill are often acrylic or marble for durablility.  Thresholds are often marble as well. 

What I have noticed too is earth tones (hunter green, beiges, taupes, browns) are the most popular colours used in motel rooms.  Pinks, peaches and turquoises are often used yet blues don't seem to be used as much.  We stayed in one higher end motel where the entire theme was black and white accented with gold.  It was gorgeous but not a colour theme often seen in motel rooms.  Accessories and accent pieces can range from quite simple to a bit more ornate.  There's usually at least one framed print to add interest along with a mirror. 

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