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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vacation Home Toilets

Our vacation home has two toilets.  Unlike RV toilets that can be cleaned then a chemical holding tank fluid poured into the tank to prevent odours, vacation home toilets must be shut down during extended periods of absence.  Once the toilet has been cleaned we turn the water off to prevent any problems that could occur in the event of a burst pipe or water leak.  Normal toilets have a P-trap to prevent sewer gases and odours from entering the house.  The P-trap is designed to hold a certain amount of water.  During extended periods of the house being shut down there is the possibility that the P-trap can dry out through evapouration.  This would allow odours to get into the house along with any critters like Palmetto bugs that can come up through sewer pipes.  We learned this tip from our neighbours in our vacation home community.  Covering the top of the toilet bowl with plastic wrap is a way to prevent water in the P-trap from evapourating.  In the event a critter gets in the sewer pipe it will be confined to the toilet bowl instead of getting out into the house.

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