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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thrift and Antique Store Finds

thrift and antique store finds
Thrift and Antique Store Finds
January 10, 2011

My husband and I are both collectors of various items.  There are a lot of places to find pieces to add to our collections.  Two of my favourite ones are thrift stores and antique shops.  During our recent vacation I wanted to stop at both types of shops because I was specifically looking for vintage glass inserts for canning jars.  It always seems when I'm looking for something specific I can never find it but other pieces present themselves.  I found three nice mugs to add to my mugs with food advertisements collection.  They are the Morton's Salt, Maxwell House Coffee and Campbell's mugs.  The Maxwell House Coffee appears to be the oldest of the three.  It was bought at an antique shop.  The other two mugs were bought at a thrift store and while newer are still quite collectible.

I collect pre-Depression (Fairfax by Fostoria) and Depression (mainly Amerian Sweetheart by MacBeth-Evens Glass Company) both mainly in pink although I have a couple of monax pieces.  I have a few odd pieces of Depression era glass, several amber iridescent and lustreware pieces as well as vintage bakeware (peach lustre).  The little hen sitting on a nest reminded me of my Mom.  She had a larger, green irridescent one when I was growing up.  I found this hen at a thrift shop for $3.99.  It was made by the Hazel Atlas Glass Company in the 1940's.  I saw three more just like this one in antique shops we stopped at with an adverage price of $9 and that appears to be the going online price.  It appears I made a little money on this item if I decided to sell but I won't because I really like the piece.

The Fire King Sapphire Philbe custard cup is Depression era glass made by Anchor Hocking in the 1940's.  I bought it at an antique shop for $1.50.  Now in most cases antique dealers know what they have so price accordingly.  In this case the seller missed that the 'Fire-King' mark on the bottom had been double stamped.  The going price for this custard cup without the double stamp is about $6 but this type of manufacturing error makes the piece more valuable so it was well under priced.   This is something to look for when shopping in antique stores.

My husband bought two shot glasses.  One was from Caesar's Palace Casino and the other Excalibur both in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Although they were bought at an antique shop, neither are antiques although they are collectible and will make a lovely addition to his collection.  The large beer stein is not antique either but it really is quite a nice piece to add to his collection as well.

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