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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vacation Home Food Issues

Yesterday I eluded to a few issues with the food at our vacation home.  This year we are planning on using our vacation home for a total of 3 months with the rest of the time spent at our primary residence.  Food immediately became an issue because I am limited as to what I can bring to the vacation home due to space, distance and crossing the border.  I'm limited as to what I can bring back from the vacation home for the same reasons.  Furthermore I am restricted when it comes to refrigerated/frozen foods during those periods where our vacation home will be rented out.  This means that thing like condiments end up being tossed if we are flying so I really must come up with a better solution.  I can however store a limited amount of home canned and dried foods in our locked closet so that helps.

This past trip because we were driving and heading to our kids house before going home, I packaged up all the refrigerator contents and left them at their house.  I also left them any of the dried foods that had been opened.  That worked well for this particular trip.  However, it will not work for the majority of the trips and until we get to know our neighbours there a bit better I feel uncomfortable offering opened containers of food to them. 

Time to rethink how we are doing food at the vacation home...

Garden Gnome