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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Change in the Closing Date

The is the sixth house we have sold so did not expect much in the way of glitches.  Wrong!  First the house sat on the market for sixteen months before getting an offer.  The offer was under what we paid for the house because the housing market has softened significantly.  So we had two choices.  We could leave the house on the market hoping for a better offer while continuing to pay the high cost of living associated with this house or we could accept the offer knowing the payback period on the loss would be less than two years.  We accepted the offer with a closing date of November 1.  I started packing that night!  My husband started packing up the games room the next day.  We must have had a premonition.

Two weeks after all the papers were signed for the sale of our house and purchase of our new house we get a call from the real estate agent asking if we would consider moving sooner.  Now we had pushed for an earlier moving date but the buyer would not budge.  Apparently she has changed her mind and wanted the closing date moved up to October 1 which didn't work for us so she came back with September 15.  We agreed to the change knowing there wouldn't be a problem with the house we were buying since it is 95% empty.  It is now official which means we have less than two weeks before we start moving!  We are going into overdrive mode with packing while still getting rid of what we don't want. 

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