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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's Official - SOLD!


It was one of the most difficult days in selling out house thus far.  The home inspector with the buyer's BIL spent three hours here this morning.  Now, that just was not good as far as anxiety, nerves and stress not to say I do not function well with strangers especially in my home.  The home inspector was a real sweetheart, the BIL not so much so.  Then we get the call late afternoon just as I had dozed off since I had no sleep the night before that the buyer with agent had a waiver but wanted to go through the house again.  That took another hour but the end result is our house is SOLD!  We took a beating, seriously but it is still SOLD!

That means the next couple of months are going to be filled with decluttering and packing but I can at least get back to cooking that helps relieve my stress levels.  We are hiring movers for all of the large 'stuff' because our closing date is on a Tuesday.  We need to make arrangements with the utilities, change email addresses, email and all that fun stuff.  We will not be having Bell automatically forward to our new phone number if we even have one as we are thinking going cell phone only.  We have not been getting mail here for awhile because of our vacation home so will change that to 'no forwarding address'.  All of our utilities are on ebilling anyway so we don't need mail service to our new address which suits us well with being out of the country three months or more of the year. 

And there we have it.  The house is offically SOLD!  We are off onto a new adventure :)

Garden Gnome