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Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Neighours are So Ticked!

We have had rather good neighbour relations here aside of the fact that one of our neighbours was actually stealing our hydro.  We disconnected that and life has been smooth.  When we moved here we did not ask for a survey because in our minds the lot was pretty much well defined with shrubbery and we weren't planning on erecting any fencing.  Well today the surveyors came out, hired by our buyer.  We discovered on each side our neighbours were using about three feet for a total of six feet the length of our property that we have been paying taxes on but they were using.  Now in all honesty it really didn't matter to us and still doesn't but apparently it matters to our neighbours.  They are suddenly losing that space to use as they desire.  The thing is it was the new buyer who ordered the survey, not us.  So our neighbours on both sides are not talking to us.  I'm scratching my head and saying hey what, we had nothing to do with it.  Our buyer is going to be going into a sticky sitiuation and even stickier since they are planning on fencing the property. 

Garden Gnome