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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Kitchen During the Move

One of my friends sets up a temporary kitchen including a specially packed box to get them started.  It takes her a week or two to get her kitchen up and running.  I cannot do that!  My kitchen is the last room packed up but the first one set up.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  First off during any move we have friends and family helping meaning I want a coffee station, cold beverages in the fridge and snacks.  I have good culinary skills so want that reflected in the moving day snacks so there is no way I'm going to offer bagged potato chips to those helping us move!  It is our way of thanking our family and friends for their very generous help.  I want to be able to make a proper hot breakfast the first morning in our new house.  This blesses the house bringing good karma and good fortune for your future in your new home.

I rely on the following to achieve this goal:

  • slow cooker
  • outdoor grill
  • coolers
  • a few pre-made dishes
Adding to the kitchen issues during this move is I have absolutely no choice but to process all of my tomato products between now and September 17.  I'm going to be tired from moving but have no choice.  That means I will be processing about 10 hampers (5/8 bushel) within that time frame otherwise we have not tomato products for the upcoming year.  My husband is brought home the first two hampers last Sunday making a long day even longer.  It doesn't help that I have an internal infection that is really sapping my energy. 

Here's my plans for dealing with canning tomato products while in the midst of the move:
  • this kitchen - This kitchen will remain fully functional until the first week of September at which time the new kitchen will be fully functional.  We need to install a gas line for our new kitchen range.  All of my canning needs will be transferred over to the new house prior to that date.  I will spend the mornings canning here.  That allows me two to three runs of the pressure canner before lunch time.  I can then focus on packing and organizing for the afternoon then relaxing in the evening.  
  • new kitchen - I anticipate canning in my new kitchen by September 10 if not sooner depending how fast we can get the gas line moved.  By that date my entire pantry including empty jars will have been moved to our new house by then and the new dishwasher will have be installed.  

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