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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Cost of Moving

There is no doubt about it that moving costs money.  It doesn't matter whether you hire movers or have family and friends help you move, the bottom line is moving comes with an expense.  Some of those costs can be reduced or eliminated but others are simply unavoidable.  Here's a few expenses from our move:

  • real estate fees - We sold so that means there are real estate fees involved.  We were able to negotiate a lower commission on the sale of our house so that saved us a bit of money.  
  • legal fees - The sale of a house always involves legal fees.  There's not much you can do about it other than keep your fingers crossed they are reasonable.
  • utility deposits - Some utility companies will charge a deposit on the account usually based on if you have had service with them previously, your payment history and your credit rating.  The deposit usually is three times the amount of the previous bill at that residence.  I know that isn't fair but that's how they calculate it.  The hydro provider where we are moving charges a deposit if you have not had service with them in the last five years but it you put your account on automatic payment through your bank they waive the deposit.  The gas company charges a deposit but if you provide a reference letter from the account you are moving from they waive the deposit.  So there are ways to avoid paying utility deposits.
  • disconnect/connection fees - Each utility service including phone, satellite or cable television and internet charge a disconnect and connection charge.  However, you can do a bit of bargaining with them.  We will be avoiding any fees if we stay with Bell for our satellite television and phone with adding internet AND they will further give us a discount for bundling our services.  The is no disconnection charge for our satellite internet service.
  • postal service - A permanent redirect of mail from your old address to your new address will cost about $45 at Canada Post (good for 6 months).  An alternative to this is notifying everyone including creditors of your new address.  We have gone to ebilling where possible and really don't want mail at our new address which is rather convenient because it is a superbox rather than direct to the door.  I'm sure there will be a charge for the box keys (usually $10).  
  • municipal fees - Many municipalities want you to recycle but some will charge you for their recycle bin.  We have a few recycle bins and blue garbage bags.  In the end the recycle bins don't cost you to use so are cheaper than the blue bags.
  • moving fees - Whether you hire a professional mover ($90 per hour plus) or DIY the best way to keep costs down during the actual way is to make the move as efficient as possible.  Have everything ready to move come moving day or if possible do the move over a few days.  Do not move anything you do not want or need.  Get rid of those items!  It will save you in the long run on the cost of moving and you may even be able to recoup a few costs if you are able sell off what you don't want.
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