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Friday, August 19, 2011

Packing and Planning

We can start moving into the new house on September 1.  We have been doing a lot of packing with the hopes of being able to get most of the small things moved before the movers arrive on September 6.  Yesterday, my husband arranged for gas, electricity and water at the new house.  He still has to arrange for telephone and internet.  There will be an overlap of fourteen days of having services at both houses but in the big picture it should work out to be the same amount.  We still have to arrange to have a couple of natural gas lines run inside the house. 

Yesterday, we went shopping.  We bought a dishwasher, natural gas range and small breakfast table.  We looked at mattresses and bedroom furniture and have our eye on a dining room set so our purchases will be added to once we decide what we want that way.  What we did buy is being delivered on September 2.  We've dealt with this small, local Mom & Pop furniture and appliance store since being newlyweds.  Unlike the big box stores we get quality service from them and besides we like to support local business.  We still have to shop for televisions and bookshelves.

All in all things are going rather smoothly preparing for the move.

Garden Gnome