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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Walk Though

Our real estate agent wanted us to do another walk through in the house we are buying.  I think she is concerned that we did not get a formal house inspection.  We have successfully bought five primary residences and one vacation home without formal house inspections of which two properties were bought sight unseen before the closing date.  So we saw no need to get a formal house inspection for this purchase.  Our house is officially sold in that the buyer has waived all of her conditions.  We have not waived the condition that we get the property we want.  Legally we have until August 12th to waive that condition but will more than likely waive it today as soon as we get the seller's signature on the ammended offer from the seller of the property we want.  We have a verbal agreement of acceptance on the changed closing date and moving in early. 

We did another walk through the house yesterday.  We are even more impressed than we were the first time we viewed the property.  The current owners have moved most of their belongings out.  Their twenty year old son is staying there until the end of August so he can continue working at his current job before returning to school in September.  My husband came up with a plan so we can move in three weeks before our official November 1 closing date.  That means we can go in to clean and paint as well as take our time moving our belongings in.

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