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Monday, July 19, 2010

Food Storage Containers

rubbermaid lock-its

Rubbermaid® Lock-its

Quite some time ago we started on our quest to rid our kitchen of as much plastic as possible.  The main reason was I felt that going to glass containers for food storage was a better eco-friendly choice and for the most part they are.  The lids are plastic but other than that I am quite happy with the performance.  Over the past year I have worked at getting rid of plastic food storage containers mainly because they were old, stained and many were missing lids.  I quickly found though that plastic storage containers are better suited than glass for some uses especially on the boat. 

My dilemna was I did not want to buy the cheaper disposable plasticware like Ziploc® containers because quite frankly I've been down that road.  Essentially I was looking for better quality for the few pieces I wanted.  I wanted plasticware that was BPA free even though I don't use plasticware in the microwave oven and seldom put it into the dishwasher.  I wanted something sturdy enough to be leak proof and live up to regular travel.  I tried out 2 pieces of the Rubbermaid® Lock-its for a couple of months.  I liked how they performed so this weekend bought a 12 piece set.  These are perfect for taking on the boat where glass food storage containers pose the higher risk of breakage.  I want to pick up a couple of the larger ones our next shopping trip to the US as I haven't found these containers on the Canadian side.  That along with 5 screw top Ziploc containers comprise my plasticware food storage used mainly for travel purposes.  It's not a lot especially when compared to the plasticware of others.  They don't take up much room, stack nicely by snapping together and basically fit a specific need.  The down side is I will not be readily willing to part with these storage containers like I would the disposabale ones but that's ok. 

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