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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

House Sale Update

Selling a house often includes a lot of decision making even during the sale process. Our house has been on the market since March, first privately then followed by using a real estate. When we put the house up for sale we had just bought a vacation home so downsizing a bit seemed logical.  As we talked about it more we realized that moving from our rural, waterfront property would greatly reduce the amount of driving.  We found a house, put a conditional offer in and it was accepted.  Since then the market has softened in our area so we reduced the price of the house.  The HST came into effect which is affecting house sales in Ontario as now the associated fees of selling a house have an additional 8% tax on them.  We had to extend our conditional offer.  In the meantime the market softened a bit more.  The extension on the conditional offer expired but that worked out to our benefit.  A home inspection had been done on the home by another potential buyer.  Apparently some major water issues were found so it is a good thing we didn't ask for another extension since a home inspection was not part of our conditions.  Over the past weekend we did a lot of talking about the pros and cons of moving into town verses staying where we are.

The general consensus is moving into town is the frugal decision.  It would eliminate my husband's daily commute to the office.  We would be able to walk or bike to get groceries and other necessities.  It would not eliminate my food runs to various farms and farm markets but staying here wouldn't eliminate those either.  It would eliminate our gorgeous view of the water but we still have the boat to enjoy the water during the nice weather.  So we have both come to the conclusion that we do want to move.  We reduced the price of our house again but have already decided that will be the final reduction.  If the house doesn't sell at that price we will take it off the market next month.  In the meantime we are back to house hunting. 

Garden Gnome


Victor said...

It was nice to hear your selling experience. I'm currently on the home buying side, just purchased a townhome. Now I have a bit more insight on what might happen in a few years! Thanks!