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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Not to Look for in a House

We are showing the house tonight so I've been doing the old spit & shine.  The main problem with most house sales is you have to live in the house while it is being sold so by default that means you have to do a spit & shine for each showing.  At any rate we decided to not ask for the extension on the conditional offer we had on a house.  It's funny hearing some of the comments of people going through our house and yet these are precisely the things you should not look at when buying a house:

  • decor - Any decor is changeable so ignore things like paint and wallpaper. That is all easily changeable when you move in.
  • furniture - Sorry it really doesn't matter if you like their choice of furniture or not.  I suppose you could always put an offer in that includes a particular piece of furniture but chances are good they will turn you down so just ignore the furniture.
  • clutter - Sorry but a lot of people are not neat freaks.  That means you as the potential buyer need to overlook any clutter.  It will be gone when you move in anyway. 
  • personal effects - This includes virtually anything that may be in the house.  So what if you don't like the way they organized the cupboards or folded the towel.  None of this is staying anyway so just ignore it.

Garden Gnome