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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Taking the Power Pledge

image courtesy of: Ontario Power AuthorityOM and WWF-Canada

I check HydroOne's website on a fairly regular basis looking for new ways to conserve electricity as well as new incentive programs.  They have online tools to help you become more aware of your energy usage like the PowerSaver Pluse Energy Audit Tool and the Appliance Calculator.  Yesterday I checked their site and noticed the Power Pledge incentive for energy conservation so I decided to take the pledge.  There are six simple questions that when clicked to expand there are check boxes to choose the ones most suitable for your electricity usage.  As an incentive for taking the pledge you 20 FREE AIR MILES® reward miles and another 10 AIR MILES® reward miles is donated to the participating charity of your choice.

Garden Gnome


best reciprocating saws said...

Good to know that there are now ways that are developed on conserving energy such as this. It will be a lot help for everybody, good for household, good for your budget, and good for our planet as well.

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Best Reciprocating Saw and thanks for visiting. Yes it is nice that there are more incentives for conserving energy. It is a high priority here.