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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Third Experiment Using SoilMoist™ for Craft Project

I posted earlier about using SoilMoist™ granules for craft projects.  This product is meant for use as a water management system for houseplants and outdoor potted plants.  However it has the potential to be used as a craft product for making interesting centerpieces, room fresheners and so much more.  I did two experiments with the granules to see how they would perform.  The granules took the food colouring well so that opens up being able to create custom colours to fit your decor.  I also tested to see how well the granules would absorb then release a scent like vanilla.  They hold and release the scent well again increasing the possibilities for a craft project.

Once I found that the SoilMoist™would take up food colouring and scent, I was interested in finding out whether the granules could have the colour and scent removed so they could be used in other craft projects.  I started with  granules that had been dyed blue with blue food colouring and scented with 100% pure white vanilla (1).  I poured the granules into a strainer then poured water over them to cover (2).  Once the water took on a good colour I poured it outside not down the drain just in case there were any small pieces of the granules in the water that could cause problems in the drain.  After three water changes the granules had lost most of their colour (3) and after the fourth water change the granules were back to crystal clear.  This means that I can now reuse those granules for other craft projects!  In order for this to work the dye and the scent must be water soluble but that still opens up a lot of possibilities.  I can see using herbal infusions such as lavender, mint and lemon balm for scent and with a bit of inexpensive food colouring the colour possibilities are endless!

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