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Monday, July 12, 2010

Installing a Wall Anchor

Dry wall, plaster and other wall coverings like panelling often cannot hold the weight of objects you want to hang.  Wall anchors are often necessary when hanging heavy pictures or other objects on walls.  This is especially important if you cannot hit a stud where you want the object to hang.  The purpose of a wall anchor is to spread the weight of the object while securing the screw to hang the object on.

installing wall anchor
A wall anchor can be metal or plastic and they come in various sizes to fit different sized screws.  I wanted to hang a wall mirror and while it wasn't particularly heavy I needed a secured screw that wouldn't give.  The mirror was a gift from our kids so I didn't want to take any chances.  After marking the location where I wanted the mirror I used a plastic wall anchor.

A pilot hole needed to be drilled to fit the the anchor.  I chose a drill bit a little narrower than the anchor to drill the hole.  Then I gently tapped the anchor into the hole just to the lip of the anchor (1).  Once the anchor was in place I screwed in the screw that the mirror would hang from leaving about an eighth inch sticking out from the wall.  Then I hung the mirror. 

wall anchor in use
Once the object is hung it will cover any little flaws from installing the wall anchor.  These flaws can be greatly reduced or eliminated if you go slow and take your time.  After marking where you want the hole drilled place a piece of masking tape over the mark.  The mark will show through the tape.  Slowly drill through the mark with the drill while holding the drill level.  This will prevent cracking.  Carefully pull off the tape after the hole is drilled.  Cover the head of your hammer with a cloth then gently tap the wall anchor into place.  This will prevent any marks on the wall. 

The mirror looks lovely in it's new location.  I know it is securely hung and can actually say it did go through an earthquake!  An 5.0 earthquake hit Quebec on June 23, 2010 at 1:41 pm with tremors felt throughout most of Ontario and into some US states.  Our house did shake but we suffered no damage.  It was a rather scary feeling though!

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