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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jar Labels and the Dishwasher

Many of the jars and bottles that food come in have labels on them.  A frugal homemaker keeps these jars to be refilled as needed.  One of the problems with recycling these jars and bottles is precisely that label.  Many will pop the jar or bottle into the dishwasher knowing that the heat of the water will easily remove the label but this presents two problems.  First the label itself is usually made of paper so breaks down to clog the dishwasher arms and redeposit on other dishes.  The second problem and one many don't think of is the glue holding the label on the jar ends up gunking up seals, gaskets and other parts of your dishwasher.  This can create numerous problems that may result in a repair bill if done often enough.

The best way to remove jar labels is to soak them in hot water then pull or scrape off the label.  Pat the jar dry then rub off any remaining glue residue with vegetable oil or Goo Gone®.  Wash the jar again and it is ready to use.  This keeps any glue residue from getting into your dishwasher where it can accumulate causing problems later.

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