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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's Official - We Are Selling

It is official! A couple of weeks ago we got a deal of a lifetime so decided to act on it. Then after talking about the new changes that deal would mean we decided to do a bit of house hunting with a couple of goals in mind. We found a lovely house we really like in a location that will eliminate a lot of driving. After a bit of haggling our offer was accepted so we set about getting the word out that our house was up for sale.

Our intentions are to try selling our house privately to save on realtor fees but within a 2 week time frame for a firm offer. If we don't have a firm offer after that period of time the house will be listed with a realtor. Last week we showed the house twice with one encouraging showing. Friday we placed an ad and yesterday the for sale by owner sign went on the house. Both have been encouraging by generating phone calls and emails.

So we are off on another exciting adventure! It's surprising in that we both are excited about the changes, talking about what we are going to do at the new house. The house is a bit larger than this house but has more personalization potential. It has electric baseboard heat so my husband has already arranged HEE furnace and AC. As soon as things are finalized we will arrange an energy audit as that will allow us to take advantage of a couple of government grants. I'm excited that my kitchen will have more counter space and will be laid out better so am already shopping for dual fuel ranges. Unlike our other houses we plan on going in with renovation guns blazing so this really is going to be one of the more interesting homes we've tackled!

The next few weeks worth of posts will focus on our selling experience including what we did, what worked and what didn't. At the same time other topics will come up as well so please stay tuned.

Garden Gnome


Mrs. Mecomber said...

Oh my word! What a surprise! That's great, I hope you get a wonderful new home. Are you going to stay in the same area? Are you getting a bigger or smaller house? And what will become of your gardening?

I've often thought of selling, but NYS is so bad right now...

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Mrs. Mecomber :) It was indeed a surprising decision for us. We are actually ending up with 2 houses, one of which is a vacation house that triggered selling this house. Our 'permanent' residence will be in the same general area but not on the water. The house is a bit bigger. There are established gardens and plenty of room for vegetable gardening. If all goes according to plan we will be moved in time to put in the vegetable beds right on schedule.

Selling right now is a bit more challenging. It really is a buyer's market.