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Monday, March 15, 2010

Paint Tray Cleaning Tip

Painting involves both prep and clean-up tasks. One of our kids and a friend volunteered to paint the room that was planned to be the craft room. The interesting thing about someone else doing something you normally would is you get to see a few other methods that work just as well as your methods. My designated painter has actually spent a summer painting during their college years so I thought everything was in good hands and honestly the room looked wonderful just with the first coat of paint on the ceiling. Checking the room I discovered a paint tray with drying paint in it. Now normally I would have washed out the pain cleaning the tray with the left-over paint going down the drain. They told me not to do this.

cleaning paint traysBefore & After

The trays were plastic so they said to leave the paint to dry then pull the dried paint off. The premise is the paint is not going down the drain and the dried paint can be tossed into the garbage with less mess and fuss. I was skeptical but they continued to use this method finally leaving me with two trays to clean up.

Pictured are the two trays with the paint in the process of being pulled off of one tray (top). A quick twisting motion loosens the pain making it peel away from the plastic quite easily. It took me about 5 minutes to fully clean the first tray (bottom). I seriously could not believe how easy this method of cleaning the paint trays was! There was no muss, no fuss. The paint just easily peels off the trays.

I don't know if this method would work using an oil based paint but suspect it would. It definitely works with latex based paint. The real trick seems to be the plastic trays. I know you can buy plastic paint tray liners and some people simply line the tray with a plastic bag, but this method eliminates using any liners. I don't think it will work using a metal paint tray. At any rate give it a try the next time you are painting and see what you think.

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