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Monday, March 22, 2010

A Great Carpet Spot Remover

I don't do paid posts and never have so I want to make this very clear, this is my opinion on the following product. I paid for the product myself, I used it and now I'm passing on my experience to you.

My husband and I do not like carpeting. We had intended on removing all of the carpeting in this house but after being caught up in more urgent repairs then deciding to sell our house, well we just didn't get around to it. That meant for showing the house we needed to deal with a few small carpet stains without going to the expense of having all of the carpets cleans. In some cases to sell a house one of the best investments you can make it to have the carpets cleaned before the house is listed but in this case it really wasn't necessary. There were a few very small stains in the great room carpet that likely no one would have noticed but I knew they were there so I asked my husband to pick up a carpet stain remover.

Spot ShotSpot Shot

If you have been following this blog you will know we don't use toxic cleaners in our home. My husband came home with a product called SpotShot, a non-toxic carpet stain and odour eliminator that is safe for children, certified biodegradable, never tested on animals and earning the Environmental Choice seal. So this product really had my attention. I wanted to know if it worked as promised.

Using the product was as easy as spraying the stain then blotting up the stain or rubbing. I have to tell you I was skeptical. I tried it on a stain that almost instantly disappeared before my eyes. I tried it on another thaat did the same thing. The only hint that I had used the product was a bit of darkening from being damp. The next day I vacuumed to find all signs of the stains were gone. I was very impressed. As the product says it does work on older stains as well. However, it did not perform well on a small rust stain. It did lighten the stain but not remove it entirely.

I used the spray on a few spots the size of a quarter and smaller. I don't know how it would perform on larger stains. I found that spraying the stain then blotting worked best and the results improved with vacuuming when the spot was completely dry. The smell of the product is not offensive and it did not trigger my asthma. This will be a product I will use to keep the carpets spot free while trying to sell our house.

Garden Gnome


Katie Epstein said...

And where do you buy this???

Garden Gnome said...

It was right in with the other carpet cleaners in the grocery store.