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Friday, March 19, 2010

New Light Fixture

Changing out light fixtures is one of the easiest, low cost ways to update the look and feeling of a room. There is such a wide variety of light fixtures available that can fit the needs for any decor. With the advent of the energy efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs there are more of these fixtures that can use these bulbs as well. We chose to install an enclosed ceiling hugging light fixture in the was to be craft room and a matching one in the adjoining hallway.

new light fixtureNew Light Fixture

When CFL first came out they were not to be used in pot lights or enclosed fixtures. That has changed. We bought 2 - 13" swirl flush mount light fixtures that can use 2 - 60W incandescent or equivalent CFL bulbs (1). Changing out the light fixture was as simple as turning off the power then connecting the base of the new fixture (2). Turing the power back on was a success (3) so it was time to put the globe on. Here's where we hit a bit of a problem. The inner threaded pipe to hold the globe on was just a little to short so we had to wait until the next day to buy a longer piece. The following day my husband bought a long enough threaded pipe to cut a longer piece for each light. Once the threaded pipe was in place the globe was put in place and secured (4). I really like the nice clean looking results but especially like the fact that the new fixtures now use CFL bulbs. It is a win/win solution all the way around.

Changing out a light fixture is an easy, low cost DIY project. The two rules are to always work with the electricity off and to always follow the wiring directions. Once the light fixture is in place test it with the intended light bulbs. Do not use bulbs that are above the recommended wattage. Before putting on the globe wash and dry it well so it will add a nice sparkle once installed.

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