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Friday, March 26, 2010

Household Uses for Lemons

Lemons are naturally high in acidity making them a low cost, eco-friendly and healthy alternative to cleaning with harsh chemicals. Here's a few ways lemons can be used:

  • Pour lemon juice where ants are found to get rid of them.
  • Mix lemon juice with borax for a powerful toilet cleaner.
  • Place sliced lemon in the refrigerator to absorb food odours.
  • Mix lemon juice with baking soda. Rub on chrome or copper and let set for a few minutes. Wipe off with a clean cloth for a clean shine.
  • Use lemon juice as a natural air -freshener and mood lifter.
  • Cut a lemon in half then run it over a chopping block to disinfect.
  • Squeeze fresh lemon juice onto stained surfaces. Let sit for 20 minutes then rinse.
  • Sprinkle salt on a lemon wedge with a gentle scrubbing to shine the interior of copper cookware.
  • Add a ½ cup of lemon juice to the wash cycle to brighten whites.
  • Spray stained white socks with lemon juice then hang in the sun to remove the stains.
  • Run a half lemon through the garbage disposal to clean and freshen it.
  • Put ¼ cup of lemon juice in the soap dispenser of the dishwasher and run through the normal cycle to remove mineral deposits.
  • Use lemon juice to clean grout around tiles.
  • Rub lemon juice on brass to remove tarnish.
  • Apply lemon juice with a sponge on glass shower doors to clean to a sparkling shine.

Garden Gnome


Annabelle said...

WOW. I had no idea you could use lemon for so many uses!

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Annabelle and thanks for visiting. The best part about using lemons is it is a natural, non-toxic method :)