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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finished Painting The Room

If you recall, we tore apart a spare room to turn into a craft room a day before getting news that would set in motion major life changes. As a result our house is currently up for sale. While this was discouraging as far as creating a craft room our minds are already with the new houses. Unfortunately we could not leave the room in limbo so decided to go ahead and finish it.

painted RoomPainted

I think the room looks wonderful painted! The colours came out as I wanted so no complaints there. We are putting new trim around the windows and will be installing a laminate flooring along with new baseboard. We will also be replacing the electrical outlets just to make things look nicely finished. This will at least show this room nicely. Watch for a bit more on that as I will post our progress.

It is very important especially when trying to sell your home to have each room show the best possible. We could have left the room as is and explained but this way it will show nicely. If listed with a realtor we will likely stage this room to look like the third bedroom it is supposed to be. At best you will re-coup any costs for updating the room and at worst if you don't sell the room still looks great!

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