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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Laminate Flooring

Just a day before the news came that would result in major life changes we tore apart a spare room to turn it into a craft room. The news ultimately meant we would be selling this house in return for two houses. The problem remained that even though we decided to sell the house we still had to finish this room otherwise the house would not show well. The kids finished up the painting for us which left the trim and flooring as well as updating the light fixture. This is one thing to keep in mind that sometimes you have to spend a bit of money in order to sell your house.

laminate flooringLaminate Flooring

The flooring arrived Friday morning but would not be installed until Tuesday as it had to acclimatize to the room. We chose a birch finish laminate flooring taber test IP=11,000 for heavy to moderate commercial use with 25 year warranty against wear, stain and fading.

Pictured are the 6 cartons of the laminate flooring and roll of underlay. We have never installed laminate flooring before so a friend who installs a variety of floors for a living is installing it for us. I will be keeping a close eye as to how this type of flooring is installed. We already have plans to remove all carpeting in the new house with possibly laminate flooring being installed in the 3 bedrooms.

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