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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Natural Odour Absorbers and Air Fresheners

Curbing indoor air odours is always a concern so manufacturers introduced a host of remedies ranging from aerosol sprays to energy using oil based scenters to scented stick-ups to scented candles. The problem with a lot of these scented products is they are actually health hazards. These products cause allergic reactions as well as being well known asthma triggers. Scented candles in particular use an insecticide as a scent fixative so anytime the candle is being burned insecticide is being inhaled. Electrical base units aside of putting artificial and health harming vapours into the air waste electricity. Aerosol sprays are not eco-friendly and use propellants that can cause health problems. In most cases a natural odour absorber or air freshener can do an excellent job of getting rid of indoor odours without any nasty side effects. Here are a few that work for us:

  • coffee grinds - removes mold and mildew odours
  • baking soda - a general odour absorber
  • white vinegar - great paint and food odour neutralizer, general odour neutralizer
  • lemons - natural air freshener
  • pure vanilla - natural air freshener
  • cinnamon - natural air freshener
  • sulphur - strike a match then blow it out to take care of most bathroom odours
  • charcoal - absorbs and neutralizes odours
  • essential oil - can be added to burning soy wax candles for a natural air freshener
  • beeswax - natural air freshener, when burning is a natural air cleaner

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