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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Electrical Updating

We have been updating and doing minor repairs ever since we made the decision to sell our house. These are all the little things that just make a world of difference when showing the house. No potential buyer wants to see signs of anything that looks like work when they go through a house so the less of that type of thing the better.

new light fixtureLight Fixture

Pictured on top is the light over my desk. It is a higher wattage CFL daylight spectrum light. While this doesn't matter to most people to me because that spectrum is necessary to prevent negative mood effects. I was quite happy with the light exactly as it was. However we both agreed for the aesthetics of selling the house it had to be changed out.

We chose a ceiling hugging, beveled glass light fixture that holds 3 - 25 W incandescent bulbs. The light was very easy to install with no modifications needed. The brass finish goes nice with the wood ceiling while the warm yellow tones from the lights enhance the tones in the wood. The effect is quite lovely! This was an easy DIY project that took about 10 minutes from start to finish. The fixture was on sale for $7.99 so it was a frugal choice as well.

replacing outletNew Outlet

Any older house can benefit from having the plug and switch outlets replaced. Not only is the upgrade good from a safety point of view but also aesthetically it updates the look of the room for very little cost or effort. We really like the steamline looks of the European style plugs and outlets. The flat, clean lines just look so much nicer. This will be the fourth house that we have changed out older switches and plugs for the European design.

Pictured is the before older style toggle switch and the after newer style European switch. I think it makes a huge difference with very little effort. Home renovation centres, hardware stores and lumber stores all have builders specials of the switches, outlets and covers. These are usually 10 to 12 per package at a reduced price. When replacing any outlet on an outside wall it is a good time to seal and insulate the outlet as well. If you are comfortable working with electricity this is an easy DIY project. As always when working with electricity turn off the power then test for live wires before proceeding.

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